How to backup recordings in secure and private online storage

Securely back up your screen recordings to help avoid disasters and save disk space

Screen Recordings and imported video files can consume large amounts of storage and become difficult to manage over time.  You may invest a significant amount of time and resources when creating a tutorial, demo, or course.  Losing these video assets can be extremely costly.

Screencast-O-Matic users often ask us how to locate recordings they have previously created with the screen recorder or imported video from other devices. We can’t answer as the recordings you create on your personal computer are yours and entirely managed by you locally.

Customers have expressed a need to address the following scenarios:

  • Hard disk space continues to grow but we also keep finding ways to fill that space.  Recordings that require large amounts of storage can easily reach disk space limits.
  • Changing computers, a hard disk crashing, or deleting unintentionally can result in losing precious recordings.
  • Video creation is often accomplished in focused time spans with long gaps in between. For example, starting a new course and finding your recording assets from previous classes can be difficult, especially after a long break away.
  • You create recordings on a computer at work and then complete your video on a different computer when at home. You need to easily transfer your recordings and continue working.

Announcing secure online backup of screen recordings


        Online Backup and Restore

Fortunately, there’s now a solution. We are introducing highly secure and private online back-up. Now you can more safely keep your recordings in a dedicated space located off your computer. With just a few clicks on your Mac or Windows computer, you can select the recordings you want to backup.  Once backed up, you can delete those recordings to free up your disk space. Your backed up recordings are kept in a highly secure and private online vault for you and they won’t be shared with anybody else.  When you back up recordings, we will be encrypt those recordings with AES-256 encryption.

It’s just as easy to restore backed up recordings to your local computer. Easily explore recordings you’ve backed up and choose what you want to restore on your computer. You can restore and continue editing your recording right where you left off. We retain the recordings meta data so the screen recording you created last year appears where you would expect when sorting on date. Your subscription also allows you to access the recordings on different computers   This means you can start your recording on your work computer and finish the video at home by restoring it on your home computer.

Backup and Restore is a feature provided in your Windows or Mac app with all Solo Premier Plans at no extra cost.