Guide to Create Colorful Text For Your Videos

Screencast-O-Matic’s overlay text tool is enhanced with colorful text and sizing options for your recordings and videos.  You can change the color of words or whole sentences, change the font, adjust the size, and customize the background color of text boxes. There’s so much you can do with your text.

Here’s a guide on how to use the overlay text tool in Screencast-O-Matic’s video editor:

Timeline Editing Tools

The overlay text tool is easy to find.  Once you are in ‘Edit’ mode, you can find the tool right above the editing timeline.

  • Click on “Tools.”
  • Select “Overlay.”
  • Then the “Text” option

You can press the “O” key and then the “T” key on your keyboard.

To add text, click in the box and type your text.

Auto Size

The Auto Size feature is an easy tool. It enables you to change the size of the box and automatically scales the font size in proportion to the text box area.

You can adjust the size by dragging the corners or adjust the width by dragging the edge handle.

You can choose not to use Auto Size.  This allows you to customize the text box to your own size dimensions without scaling the font size. All you need to do is drag the edges or corners to customize the size.


You can adjust individual words, lines or the entire box of text by selecting on the text you want to style.

  • You can choose the color of your text. You can also use your own custom color and adjust the opacity or transparency of your text.
  • To choose a different font, click on ‘Font’ and a list of available fonts will display.
  • You can move the size slider to your desired size.
  • To highlight the text, you can choose a color or add your own custom color.
  • There are several options to style text.  You can choose to use bold, italics, an underline or add a strikethrough.
  • You can make slight adjustments to the alignment of your text using left, centered, right or justified.  Text can also be adjusted by top, middle or bottom alignment.


  • To adjust the background of your text box, click on the background tab. You can uncheck the box if you decide you don’t want color.
  • You can add color to your background.  You can choose a color from the color palette or create your own custom color.  You can also adjust the opacity or transparency.
  • You can choose a box or rounded shape for your background.
  • There are options to shadow your box.


By using ‘Callout,’ you’ll be able to add a pointer to your text box. This is great to use if you are looking to point out a section of your screen.

If you have Autosize off and have altered your text box size, the controls allow you to position your text within the text box


This feature allows you to rotate your text box. There are several options to do this.

By clicking on ‘Rotation’ you can choose to use the arrow buttons for more precise adjustments or you can click on the circle and drag it around.

There is an additional option to click on the circle above the text box to rotate it.

You can watch a full video tutorial of how to use the text feature here: