3 Reasons Why a Desktop Screenshot Tool Is Effective For Work

Easy desktop screenshot tool - ScreenshotsCommunication is key to a successful workplace. Yet better communication doesn’t always equal more words. To get work done, tech-savvy employees know that screenshots are often more effective than wordy emails. 

The screenshot, or screengrab, is a digital snapshot of your computer screen. It takes only seconds and it’s ideal for showing clients, co-workers, or managers your vision or idea. 

It’s a modern approach to the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So skip a thousand words. Save time and cut confusion by using a screenshot tool.

Instant Desktop Screenshot Tool 

Screencast-O-Matic has an exciting desktop screenshot tool that is integrated within its already powerful and existing content creation platform. You no longer need separate programs for screenshots, screen recording, video editing, or hosting your content.  

With its easy screen capture tool, you can easily take a screenshot of an entire screen, drag to capture a specific area, or grab an active window. You can further enhance your screenshot with the Image Editor. Add text, shapes, blurs, and more to your images.  It’s designed to help employees communicate, demonstrate, and solve problems with screenshots.

  1. Communicate Effectively

Image Editor - Steps ToolCommunicating with screenshots takes the guesswork out of visual projects while saving time and resources. 

The screenshot tool is perfect for screengrabbing graphic design mockups, new webpages, or social media posts awaiting approval. The next time a graphics package is awaiting approval, don’t email a laundry list of changes. There’s a better way to communicate. 

Type less, show more. Take a screenshot of the graphic and use the intuitive Steps tool in the Image Editor to help your team follow your ideas.  By adding numbers, your team can fully understand the changes you want to make all in one image.  

  1. Demonstrate to Save Time 

It’s a go-to tool for anyone in IT, human resources, or for managers onboarding new employees. Opt for screenshots over wordy emails or print screen images with directions. A screenshot can save a ton of time and provide better team collaboration.

Plus, saving the screenshot in Screencast-O-Matic means your employees can access your instructions anytime with a sharable link. 

Cut the confusion and use screenshots to demonstrate. For example, IT managers can use screenshots to show their team where to find computer updates. Locate the systems icon on a desktop and take a screenshot. Then launch the Screencast-O-Matic Image Editor to turn your screen grab into a visual how-to guide.

You can further enhance screenshots using any of the image editing tools.  You can use the highlight tool to emphasize where the icon can be found or use the text tool to add titles or explainers.

  1. Problem Solve and Share 

Everyone has experienced computer glitches. However, it’s hard to troubleshoot the problem later if you can’t describe exactly what happened.  It’s easy to take a screenshot of the problem.

This is great when communicating with customer support teams.  Instead of describing the problem, send them a screenshot to help them visualize the issue. 

So the next time an error box pops up or an issue happens, make sure you snap a screenshot. Publish directly to Screencast-O-Matic and generate a link to share your image. You can get help faster by sharing visuals. 

It can also improve customer support teams and their communication with users.  They can help customers faster by sharing screenshots or images to help them solve problems.

For social media managers, screenshots are a quick way to organize, highlight, and even capture a moment in time. Screenshots are an easy way to track changing analytics or even track problematic followers. Documenting followers who violate social media policy can be hard. Comments and users often get lost in growing threads. 

Document the problem with a screenshot. Save it as a file or keep it in Screencast-O-Matic’s screenshot folder. Even if users delete comments, you’ll have evidence of problematic behavior. 

Incorporate Screenshots Into Your Workflow

Transform the way you work with a desktop screenshot tool. There is a myriad of clever ways to incorporate it into your daily workflow. It’s a great way to communicate, demonstrate and problem solve.  You’ll find that an image is worthy of a thousand words.

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