Educator Builds Trust And Connection With Flipped Classroom Videos

David Walsh, TeacherIf you ever met David Walsh, you would say he’s a funny guy. You quickly find yourself laughing along with him, and at times when he’s telling a story, you’re laughing at him. It’s easy to see why his personality resonates so well with his students at Collingsworth High School in New Jersey. Walsh teaches science to high school students.  His trick to connect with students? Authenticity, trust, and personal communications through his use of flipped classroom videos.

Flipped Classroom Journey

A few years back, Walsh recalled his school district was preparing a slow roll out with new Chromebook laptops. His supervisor at the time encouraged staff to explore ways to make the technology worthwhile. 

Before doing any research, Walsh said, “That’s awesome! I’m going to do it. I made the commitment to do it before I even knew anything about it.”

Walsh researched flipped learning and was hooked.  He immediately sought to revamp his lesson plans, one video lecture at a time.

Walsh found Screencast-O-Matic and started recording his lectures. He admits the first year was labor-intensive but he never gave up and received something he didn’t expect. More classroom time.

“I quickly learned you have to over plan for those days they (students) finish early,” Walsh said.

He says that flipping his classes allowed him to spend more quality time with his students.  They were able to focus on more hands-on learning including lab experiments, chemistry writing, and problem-solving.

Student Success With Video

Flipping creates a seamless environment for students.  

“One of the easiest things for students to feel successful is to watch a video. They are sponges for information. If I take my video, and I tell them your homework is to go home, watch a video, and take notes. Every kid can be successful doing that,” Walsh said with enthusiasm.

He saw the transformation. The kids were more engaged, and he had a clearer picture of where each student landed in the class.

“I can see how well they are doing, and monitor their progress. What I get by using Screencast-O-Matic is this time,” Walsh beamed.

Valuable Secret For Educators

For many, video creation can seem a bit daunting. Walsh explained the secret, “Be yourself on camera.” He says to include silly mistakes or small hiccups.  He tells flipped newcomers not to overthink it.  Showing an authentic and personal side in his videos is something students remember.

He recalled a time when he choked on food while recording a video.  He says, “A student will remember that…that’s me choking on trail mix.”

“The kids are having memorable moments outside and inside of class. You’re sort of taking over their world. It’s pretty easy once you start to see the power of video,” Walsh said.

Why Screencast-O-Matic?

“Screencast-O-Matic is a tool, in a world where you need the right tool,” Walsh said.

Walsh uses Screencast-O-Matic to record all his flipped classroom videos. “The recorder was super easy for me to do and use. Literally, zero learning curve for anybody who knows something about computers. It’s a straightforward easy tool,” Walsh said.

It’s now his go-to tool for everything. “By facilitating the flipped learning style and allowing me to make videos easily, Screencast-O-Matic has changed the way I teach.”

“Flipping is a gateway for me to make all of these other realizations about what teaching and education are about. That’s what Screencast-O-Matic has allowed me to do. It’s really provided me the tool to do the flip.”

Looking to try flipped learning?

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