Green Screen and Flip Camera Features To Enhance Your Videos

Screencast-O-Matic has made it easier for you to personalize your videos using these two features: green screen and flip camera. These two features will help you enhance and add creativity to your videos.

With green screen, you can easily remove your background and replace with your own.  This gives you the ability to record your webcam background anywhere without ever having to move.  The flip camera feature is great for those who use a blackboard or virtual whiteboard. Typically, when seen on a video it may look like it’s backwards. With the flip camera feature, you can write on the board and your audience will be able to read it.  

Green Screen (also known as chroma key or blue screen)Green screen backdrop shown for video

There are numerous ways you can use a green screen.  For educators, you can interact and point out certain things in their background.  A teacher can have a space background giving them the ability to point out planetary systems.  For business professionals, use the green screen to create a consistent video backdrop, or to interact with your screen.  Green screen is perfect for walking through a presentation. You can even even add a branded backdrop to enhance your videos.

All you need to do is connect your video camera or webcam.  Screencast-O-Matic has made it easy for you to record your green screen by enabling the feature in both the screen recorder and video editor.  

We recommend that you use a flat colored background.  It doesn’t have to be green. In fact, you can choose any color for your background.  We recommend using green since that’s a color that can easily be picked up. It’s also the most commonly used color because of its high luminance of all the other color channels (RGB.)

You can check out, “Green Screen Tips To Make Your Video Stand Out,” for additional tips on how to get your green screen setup, as well as lighting techniques and removing any shadows.  

The feature will enable you to add any background images of your own choosing.  These two features will help you enhance and add creativity to your videos.

Flip Camera 

Screencast-O-Matic’s flip camera feature can be used with a webcam on your computer or you can connect a separate camera.  You are able to enable the flip cam in both the screen recorder and video editor. You don’t need to use flip video cameras or flip camcorders to get this done.

All you need to do is to have your webcam ready and enable the flip camera feature.  The scene will be flipped in preview. You can start using your blackboard behind you and your audience will be able to follow along as you write.  

This feature can bring out the creativity any way you’d like!  You don’t necessarily have to have a blackboard but if you find that you want to be creative, you can choose to flip the ‘scene’ and have that showcased in your video.

Getting Started

There are two ways to enable both the green screen and flip cam features on Screencast-O-Matic.

  • In the Recorder, click on either ‘webcam or both.’  You’ll notice a magic wand icon on the upper right-hand corner of your recording screen.  Click on the ‘magic wand’ icon and you’ll notice the flip cam and green screen features in the menu. All you need to do is place a checkmark next to the feature to enable it in your recording.

  • In the Video Editor, once you click on a video to edit, click on the ‘Main Video’ and an ‘Image Options’ menu will appear.  There will be an ‘Options’ button that will lead you to both the flip cam and green screen features.  Just check off the feature you would like to use and it will be enabled throughout your video.

With these features, you will also notice increased quality on webcam scaling.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to enhance your videos using these two features on Screencast-O-Matic.  Just bring your creativity to the forefront and you’ll be creating amazing videos in no-time!

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