How to incorporate 3rd party voice over into your video

Often video creators want to collaborate with other parties to have their voice over done.   What’s needed is a tool where you can create a specific script, export it, and then send out the script to a colleague or voice over service.   Once the narration is completed externally, you need a tool to import the audio to have the final narration added to your video.   The Script Tool enables you to accomplish the above scenario.

When you are in the script tool there are 2 ways to import voice over to incorporate into your video:

Import audio for 1 section of your script

An import icon next to each section of your script is provided.  Click that icon and select an mp3 or wav audio file to import for that section only. 

Import audio for entire script

You can also import mp3 or wav audio for the entire video via the Import/Export pull down located at the top right hand portion of the script.  When you import audio for the entire scripted video, you need to include a minimum of 2s of silence between each section.   The app will detect the silence and place each part of the audio into each script section.

Following is a short tutorial showing you how the feature works:  

Learn more about scripted recordings, including exporting your script, at our dedicated tutorial channel here.