Adding a Third Party Voiceover Narration Into Your Video

If you don’t like the sound of your own voice and want to look for other options to add audio narration, you can import third party voiceover narration easily in Screencast-O-Matic’s Scripted Recordings feature.

This feature is available for any Deluxe and Premier users.  You have full access to Scripted Recordings within the video editor.

You can collaborate with voiceover artists and add their narration on any of your recordings or video. The Scripted Recordings feature gives you the ability to add an mp3 or wav audio file to your script.

3 Easy Steps to Add Voiceover Narration

  1. Type or import your script into Scripted Recordings.  You can easily separate each sentence or paragraph into its own section.
  2. Export this script and provide it to your voiceover artist.  TIP: You may want to tell your voiceover artist to include a 3 second pause between each section.  This will help align their voice and your script when you import their finished audio file into the tool.  The Screencast-O-Matic app will detect the silence and add the narration in the scripted section of your video.
  3. Import their audio file by clicking on ‘Import’ then ‘Import Audio.’  The audio file will be imported and placed within each section of your script.

Updating Voiceover Narration For One Section

If you are looking to update a section of audio instead of a whole video, you can easily do this by clicking on ‘Import Audio.’  Each section will have this option to update your voiceover narration.  Just select and import the audio file from your computer and that voiceover will appear in the section you choose.

Following is a short tutorial showing you how the feature works:

Learn more about Scripted recordings, including exporting your script, at our dedicated tutorial channel here.

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