Layer Text, Shapes, and Images in your Video

Help, part of my text is covered by my image!   Using Drawing Tools to enhance your videos can really make them shine.  Adding text call-outs and titles can give the viewer specific information that aids in learning.   Shapes or image overlays can visually enhance what you are trying to communicate.   All of these tools can be used to produce a very compelling and engaging video.  However, you need the ability to layer text, shapes, and images in your video.

When you use multiple objects such as text and shapes you need an easy tool to manage how those objects are layered (stacked) onto the video.  This tool should allow you to quickly change layering and see how specific objects look above or below each other.

Video Editor – Layering Objects

Therefore, we’ve added a really intuitive menu as part of the overlay editing tool.  Use the layering tool to change how each object appears onto the video.   You just drag an object on the menu above or below other objects to determine the order that each object appears.


You can see a short tutorial on how this works here.