A Business To Educate: Learning Technology Expert Shares Her Passion With Educators

Many people are surprised to hear that Leslie Fisher, an expert in Learning Technology, knows what it’s like to hate school. “I struggled all through school, I was a struggling reader and I still am, ” she says.Leslie Fisher - Expert

A Twist of Fate With an Apple Mac

A twist of fate awaited her when she started music school in college. “There was a Macintosh in a recording studio where I was doing an internship and I was super curious about how that computer had a roll in technology. I always liked technology, but it wasn’t until I saw that Mac that I started tinkering,” she says.

It was then that Fisher found out she wasn’t a bad learner as she first thought.  She thrived when she customized her learning experience with technology.

Technology to Celebrate Individual Learning

This learning experience inspired her to work at one of the biggest technology companies in the world, Apple.  When the internet took off, Fisher became one of the first Apple employees to study the internet and it’s widespread growth.  At Apple, Fisher always learned something new and technology kept her engaged.

“The iPhone was the boom for me because then I could celebrate my own individual learning ability and I could use apps to discover content and learn on my terms,” she says.

It made such an impact on her, that it literally became a life-altering event. After a massive layoff at the company, Fisher was left to discover what else life could bring. It dawned on her that her experience in technology could be a huge benefit to educators.

Fisher noted, “When the iPhone came out, I kind of shifted my focus as a presenter because we have so many tools at our disposal and I knew so many tools that could probably help a teacher that was dealing with the likes of me in their classroom.”

An Expert in Learning Technology

Fisher now runs her own business as an expert in Learning Technology.  You’ll often find her as a keynote presenter at many educational conferences around the world.  She teaches educators on the latest technology trends and tools to use in the classroom.  She credits her early experience with the Macintosh computer for getting her started. It sparked a relationship with lifelong learning that continues with her to this day.

“If you’re not a lifelong learner, you need to get the heck out of whatever it is you’re doing, period. If you’re not open to that you’re really not doing a service to the people that are choosing to listen to you or attending your classes,” she says. 

Fisher not only found a passion for learning but she found her passion in life. She discovered the joy in helping others by turning them on to new technologies. It’s not just a profession for Fisher, it’s a passion. “When I get to do that for an educator who I feel is an underappreciated sector of our community doing some of the most important work out there, it’s an honor.”

Video Communication For Her Business

Much like more than half the population of the world, Fisher is a visual learner. Text does not convey what she needs to learn in a way that matches with her individual learning style. So she has taken that thought and brought it to her website and blogs.

Fisher says, “Words and I do not work out well. I would rather talk and show. So every blog post that I have uses Screencast-O-Matic.” 

Fisher has found that the engagement with her audience increases significantly when they have someone to listen to, to look at, and to get a more holistic communication flow from.

So she was thrilled when she discovered Screencast-O-Matic years ago.  She’s been using the video platform ever since.  Fisher was particularly thrilled when she discovered the video editor and how simple it is to use. “What appealed to me initially is how doggone easy it is to use. Because if something is going to confuse me, it’s going to confuse a busy teacher.

But what really turned her into a loyal customer was the “bang for the buck” that she gets for such an accessible price. “Then I noticed an increase in feature set after feature set. When you came out with your video editor, I am still boggled at all of the editing tools it offers,” she says.

She believes that Screencast-O-Matic offers a wide array of tools to help empower educators to become the educator that THEY want to be, and also tailor the learning experience to each student.

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