EdTech Expert Leslie Fisher Shows Off New Screenshots Tool

Leslie Fisher - Expert

You’ll usually find EdTech Expert Leslie Fisher as a keynote presenter at many educational conferences around the world.  She uses her wit and personality to engage educators on how to use the latest technologies for the classroom.  Like millions of other people, the pandemic has changed her in-person style of teaching to a virtual one.

Today, you’ll find Fisher presenting via webcam from her home in California.  She presents on a wide range of topics aimed at helping ‘new’ and veteran Edtech users become familiar with the latest trends and technologies.  Fisher walks her audience through the steps to get things done.

A New Way to Launch, Overview of the New Screenshots Tool, and More!

We asked Fisher to break it all down in a series of how-to videos showcasing the latest tools from Screencast-O-Matic.

Fisher presents the new launch experience, all from your taskbar/menu bar.

The Screenshots tool is an intuitive tool built into the content creation platform.  It’s easy to take a screenshot, edit it, and share it with your classroom or fellow educators.  You can also add a screenshot to any video.

You can view the entire video series here.

Fisher takes her experience from working with educators and highlights tools to help them.  Here she is demonstrating all the ways you can edit your screenshot or image.  She highlights all the valuable tools you can use to spoof up any image including adding annotations, blurring out personal information, or sharing your image to a variety of different tools including Microsoft Teams and social sites.

Why She Uses Screencast-O-Matic

“Words and I do not work out well. I would rather talk and show. So every blog post that I have uses Screencast-O-Matic.”

Fisher has found that the engagement with her audience increases significantly when they have someone to listen to, to look at, and to get a more holistic communication flow from.

So she was thrilled when she discovered Screencast-O-Matic years ago.  She’s been using the content creation platform ever since.  She integrates video on her website and blogs.

Fisher is thrilled with the video editor and how simple it is. “What appealed to me initially is how doggone easy it is to use. Because if something is going to confuse me, it’s going to confuse a busy teacher.

“Then I noticed an increase in feature set after feature set. When you came out with your video editor, I am still boggled at all of the editing tools it offers,” she says.

She believes that Screencast-O-Matic offers a wide array of tools to help empower educators to become the educator that THEY want to be, and also tailor the learning experience to each student. With the new screenshots tool, Fisher believes it provides more opportunities for educators to communicate and collaborate with students.

Extra Resources

Fisher has several online webinars and presentations for educators.  Head to her website for the complete schedule.

To watch the complete ‘Edtech Series by Leslie Fisher’ as well as find many valuable resources for educators, you can head to our Education Video page.