Business Owner Creates Model For Change With Screencasts

A combination of drive, technology, and a whole lot of heart have flipped the concept of a traditional staffing agency on its head in Australia. Outsourcing Angel matches large companies with employees in developing countries. No one travels back and forth. All the work is done online via the internet and with the use of screencasts.

For the brains behind Outsourcing Angel, it’s less about work. Their primary focus is to empower talented people who are limited by their location. Outsourcing Angel serves as a human resources department cultivating a relationship between employers and their virtual assistants halfway across the world.

Linh Podetti brought the concept to life in 2015 driven by a need to create a positive social impact. “Our solution isn’t just how to save businesses money and time,” explains Podetti. “We see it as a solution to solving poverty in developing countries.”

Podetti’s primary focus is the Philippines where she hires savvy virtual assistants. She then connects those VAs to larger overseas companies looking for marketing and administration help.

Simplifying Global Workflow

The mastermind behind Outsourcing Angel connects daily with VAs online. Everyone works remotely from home. Even her staff works online hailing from Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Podetti manages to streamline communication with her secret weapon— video screencasts. “This is the ultimate tool. I need everyone (clients) to use it to effectively work with their virtual staff.”

Podetti’s platform of choice is Screencast-O-Matic. It’s her must-have tool to keep business running without anything getting lost in translation. “Whenever there is any issue with projects or communication it always comes down to, ‘Why didn’t you just do a video screencast?’” laughs Podetti who admitted the affordable technology is her go-to.

Podetti stumbled upon Screencast-O-Matic online a few years ago. Now it’s an essential workflow staple she recommends for her business, clients and VAs. “There is no better way to explain something than to screencast your instructions with video and audio.”

The global reach of Outsourcing Angel makes traditional meetings impossible. So Podetti relies on recording her computer screen to give feedback and send instructions. This workflow helps avoid time wasters like meetings.

Video provides Outsourcing Angel with a modern, quick way to share ideas. Podetti simply hits record on Screencast-O-Matic to create a quick video explaining her point. Sharing the video allows the recipients time to watch it and digest it rather than calling everyone for a meeting.

Podetti has seen the benefits firsthand. “We find it helps with productivity, avoids meetings and instructions are more clear. Projects are delivered more accurately.”

It’s a practice Podetti is so confident in that she recommends it to her clients when they sign on with Outsource Angel.

Ripple Effect Empowerment

Podetti’s business and screencasts expand beyond international job placement.

She thinks of Outsourcing Angel as a social enterprise with a duty to help those across the globe. And Podetti leans on Screencast-O-Matic to make her dream a reality.

VAs take part in community projects focused on empowering their neighbors. Every month they hold computer training with disadvantaged kids. The goal of these educational workshops is to provide the next generation with skills that will help them earn an income in a country where jobs are hard to come by.  

“We see it as a ripple effect.” The mission is near and dear to Podetti who was born in Vietnam.

“If we could get our employees to teach the next stage or next generation of younger people how to work online, then they all could earn a good living working from home.”

Podetti makes it a priority to travel to the Philippines when she can to give back. However, the busy mother-of-three relies heavily on video to recruit employees and to keep Outsourcing Angel’s philanthropic work moving forward.

“We believe with today’s technology and the internet, we can help end poverty by creating work opportunities for people in developing countries.”

The business model allows Podetti’s VAs to earn a fair wage while working from home.

“We want to make sure they deserve a good life.”

It’s a business model she described as a win, win for everyone. Outsourcing Angel’s  Virtual Assistants are more productive. They are able to work and be with their families at the same time.  

Filipino VAs earn a paycheck from companies based in Australia, America, Canada and the U.K. However, Outsourcing Angel isn’t limiting their recruitment to the Philippines.

“If we feel like we can find people in other parts of the world, developing countries with talent that’s where we’re going to go.”

And no matter where Podetti takes Outsourcing Angel, she’s sure to bring empowerment, heart and a little help from Screencast-O-Matic.


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