7 fun video Christmas card ideas to help you celebrate the holiday

Video Christmas Card IdeasSending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail is a common way to share holiday greetings, but have you ever thought about sending a video Christmas card instead? A video can be a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday greetings, and with the right video editor, it can be quick and easy to bring your video Christmas card ideas to life!

Video Christmas cards are messages you can create and send to friends, family members, coworkers, business clients, and others that you can personalize with more than just photos like a traditional Christmas card. Video Christmas cards are typically less than 30 seconds long and include a personalized video, Merry Christmas messages, photos, and other special effects to create an engaging message for the holiday. Find video Christmas card ideas and steps on how to create a video Christmas card throughout this article. You can also use the information to create other holiday video cards as well, such as Hanukkah, New Years, or other holidays as well!

Benefits of video holiday cards

Video Christmas CardVideo Christmas cards are a great way to celebrate the holiday because theyre personal, fun, and easy to make! You can record your own message or even create a fun family video. And since theyre sent electronically, you can instantly share them with others instead of needing to wait for them to be delivered through the mail like a traditional Christmas card. 

Christmas is a special time of year when loved ones get together to celebrate. What better way to show your family, friends, coworkers, business clients, or others how much you care than by sending them a personalized video Christmas card? Here are some benefits of sending video Christmas cards this year:

  • Unique idea: If you want to stand out this holiday season, send a video Christmas card instead of a traditional paper card. Your loved ones will be sure to remember it when they view it and they can watch it again anytime they would like.
  • Engaging format: A video Christmas card can be much more engaging than a traditional paper card. With wide range of images, video, and music available to use, you can create a card that captures their attention and has a fun holiday theme to it.
  • Variety of content: There are a wide range of video Christmas card ideas you can use to provide more content than you could ever fit on a traditional paper Christmas card. Include images, a video clip, stock content, and even a recorded Merry Christmas message.
  • Personalized messages: A video Christmas card is the perfect way to personalize your holiday greetings with spoken or text overlay Merry Christmas messages. Customize your video Christmas card to include family photos, your favorite holiday memories, or even a personal message to each of your loved ones.
  • Easily shared: Sharing a video Christmas card is much quicker and easier than mailing a traditional paper card. You can simply email your card, post it online, or share it on social media for all your friends and family to view.
  • Fun way to celebrate: A video Christmas card is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones. You and your family can dress up in matching outfits, such as ugly sweaters or holiday pajamas, you could create a time lapse video of you decorating a tree or gingerbread house together, sing a song together, or customize your message with other fun creative video Christmas ideas. You can choose to send your video to everyone in your family or record a special message for specific family members with multiple videos.

5 easy steps to create a video holiday card

Record Video Christmas CardChristmas is a time for family, friends, and loved ones. What better way to show your loved ones you care this holiday season than by creating a personalized video Christmas card! Screencast-O-Matic offers user-friendly video recording and editing software that offers an easy and fun way to make a video Christmas card in just a few simple steps.

Below, we describe a few simple steps to bring your video Christmas cards ideas to life in minutes!

  1. Open our video editor: To begin, use our video editor to open the video file youd like to convert into a video Christmas card or message.
  2. Personalize your Merry Christmas message: Next, personalize your Merry Christmas message with a recorded webcam message and holiday virtual background for your webcam. You could record a message from our mobile iOS app or Android app if preferred as well. If you have a paid plan you can include video overlays for picture-in-picture effect as well. You could also choose to display your greetings by adding text overlays with your name, the year, or Merry Christmas messages with customized text color, font, and size. You can even include captions text for your video.
  3. Enhance with holiday-themed content: You can help personalize your video with a holiday theme by adding holiday videos, photos, and music that perfectly capture your holiday theme and include them into your video Christmas card. If you have a Screencast-O-Matic Premier plan or higher, you can browse our stock library content, including millions of photos, music, and videos you can include in your video to enhance it or build your holiday theme. You could use a holiday image as a virtual background, or as an festive image to display with a text holiday message. You can also browse our stock music files to make your video more festive, or if you are musically inclined, you can upload a recording of yourself (or your loved ones) singing a Holiday song!
  4. Add visual effects: You can add effects to your video to emphasize the holiday theme of your video, such as snowflake images, text animations, transitions, and twinkling lights, or other Christmas ideas.
  5. Save your video: Once you’ve included all your video Christmas card ideas, you can save your video by clicking on the save” button. Once your video is saved, you can host it in the Screencast-O-Matic video hosting platform, import it into your computer, or directly upload it to YouTube.
  6. Share with others: Easily share your video Christmas card with friends, family, coworkers, and others. Screencast-O-Matic allows you to share the content directly via email, Google Drive, or as an embedded link. You can also share it on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms of your choosing.

7 fun video Christmas card ideas

Family Video Christmas CardNow that you understand the many benefits of video Christmas cards and how to create your video, here are some video Christmas card ideas you can use to celebrate the holiday. While there are many ways to create a video Christmas card, here are 6 ideas to help you get started planning your video:

  1. Create a family video Christmas card: Get the whole family involved in creating a festive Christmas card! Gather everyone and record a short video clip wishing friends and family a happy holiday season. You could even dress up in holiday outfits or get creative with props. If your family is spread out across the globe, ask everyone to send short videos of their lives wherever they may be — a fun activity to bring everyone together!
  2. Go for a musical Christmas card: Is your family musical? If so, why not record a holiday-themed song or Christmas carol as your Christmas card message? If easier, you can lip-sync to a popular Christmas song, or make up your silly holiday lyrics. This is sure to be a festive and entertaining video Christmas card. Theres no better way to celebrate Christmas than to sing together!
  3. Share your holiday traditions: Do you have any unique holiday traditions, such as decorating a tree or your home together? Perhaps you and your family like baking delicious cookies every Christmas or building a gingerbread house together. Perhaps you enjoy doing mini-plays or singing holiday songs together in your living room. Whatever your personal traditions might be, you can record and share them with your friends and family in a video Christmas card as a timelapse video, images, short video clips edited together, or other video format. This is a great way to spread some holiday cheer, personalize your message, and give your loved ones a glimpse into your familys traditions.
  4. Compile highlights from your year: You can share images and video of you and your family throughout the year, such as major vacations, a new addition to your family, a new home, and other favorite memories in addition to just a holiday theme to share important events with others in your video Christmas card. 
  5. Share holiday greetings from around the world: If youre lucky enough to be traveling this holiday season, record a quick video greeting from your current location. You can also ask friends and family members from around the world to contribute to the message, creating a compilation of holiday greetings from around the world! This is a great way to share your travels with your loved ones while greeting them Merry Christmas!
  6. Send a holiday event invitation: If you’re hosting an event for the holidays, you can create a video Christmas card to send as an event invitation. A video invitation can be a fun way to get everyone excited about the event, introduce a holiday theme for the event, and get your guests in the holiday spirit.
  7. Send a Christmas thank you card video: In addition to a greetings card, you can also use a video Christmas card to say thank you to friends, family, coworkers, business clients, or others. A video Christmas card could be a touching, personal way to thank someone for a gift, attending a holiday event, or more. 

Bring your video Christmas card ideas to life

Merry Christmas MessagesThe holidays are a great time to get creative and show your friends and loved ones how much you care. One fun way to do this is by sending them a video Christmas card. With Screencast-O-Matic, you can quickly and easily record a holiday message from your computer webcam or using our mobile iOS app or Android app, browse stock library files to elevate your content, and personalize the video using our powerful video editor. Screencast-O-Matic has everything you need to bring your video Christmas card ideas to life and share them with others!