Working with Scripts and Captions

Working with Scripts and Captions

Working with scripts are a great way to create videos with perfectly timed narration.   Preparing to create your video is just as important in the process as actually recording the video.   A well thought out script can organized your video into logical sections that flow together to deliver the key points in a lesson, product demo, or tutorial.

Script Tool

You can create a new scripts from the Manage Recordings view in the Video Editor.  Clicking the “Scripted” Button launches you directly into the Script tool so that you can start to create each section of your script and then add narration.

Type or Import your Script

You have the choice of typing in each section of your script and recording your narration.  You can also import your script via a text file if you want to use another word processing application offline to create your script and structure your video.   This is helpful when the script is created from other work you are doing such as written lesson, website blog tutorial, etc.

Adding Narration

Once you decide on approach, you can add narration to each section of your script.   Just select a section of your script and click the Rec Narration button to record your voice.   You can easily redo the narration if you don’t get it right and can also use the editor when the recording is complete to refine narration.

Record your Video

Ok, now you have your script and narration complete.  It’s time to record your video.   Again, you just select a section and this time click the Record Video Button to the right of your script to bring up the Screen Recorder. Once your Screen Recorder is launched, you can click the Record Button and your narration and script will automatically play while your recording.  This allows you to perfectly match your recording to your narration.

Launch the recorder for scripted video

Edit your Scripted Video

Now that you have completed your scripted video, you may still want to enhance or polish the video before sharing. No problem, you can bring up the familiar video editor, which has visual pointers to your script sections. You can edit each section or add/delete sections.  You can also manage silences in each section by speeding up, absorbing or cutting out silence.


Your video is now done.   We’ve automatically created a captions file directly from your script which will show in videos hosted at  If you use another service such as YouTube, you can export a captions file and upload to that service for your captions to display during playback.

That’s it, you are now an expert.  Go create your perfectly timed scripted recording and share your captioned video with your audience!

To help you work with scripted recordings, we have an entire video tutorial channel dedicated to this subject.  Access the channel here.