Fast communication with a human touch

Be present and engage with the team. Create personalized videos to connect and collaborate.

personalized videos

Available on Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook

Authentic communication to make business happen

You are busy and time is limited. Save time by creating and sharing videos to connect with the team. 

videos for business

Real-time communication

Send a personalized clip to communicate critical issues. Share thoughts and insights instantly. Use the authenticity of video to connect with your team and deliver your message clearly.

Keep the team on the same page

Bring the team together, virtually. Give feedback and updates, or provide direction using video. Share with specific people, teams or the entire company. They can watch and rewatch videos when it makes sense for them.

easily create videos
record my webcam

Show your human side

Build deeper relationships with your team. Let employees hear your voice and see your face! Go ahead, have a conversation and collaborate with video. After all, executives are human, too.

You are in control of your message

Need to share videos with specific employees? Share with individuals, a team, or the entire company. Control who gets access and remove videos at any time.

edit my videos

Easily fits in your workflow

Business Executive

Connect directly with Dropbox.

Business Executive

Google Drive
Sharing your ideas has never been easier.

Business Executive

Capture and share meetings.

Business Executive

Google Slides
Create and capture presentations.

Business Executive

Bring presentations to life.

Business Executive

Reinvent the standard slideshow.

Helping businesses communicate more effectively

Choose a plan that is right for your team.

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