Personalize your customer support with video in LiveAgent

Improve customer service and increase sales using video. Delight customers with rapid, personalized support and create memorable customer experience with video in LiveAgent.

add video in github

Send quick video messages wherever you type in LiveAgent

  • Use ScreenPal to create quick video messages for customers.
  • Clearly communicate complex resolution steps in support tickets, emails, and chats.
  • Provide context to customer issues when communicating with your team.
  • Delight customers and build brand loyalty with personal video messages.

Provide better customer service using video.

  • Use videos and screenshots to help in customer service and support issues.
  • Send customers video responses to help resolve their issues.
  • Create recordings with annotations for support sites.
  • Use video to understand what a user is experiencing.
  • Add a screen recorder button for customers to communicate their issues with video.

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Want to record right from the LiveAgent?

Easy integration for your workflow.

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