Send video emails with video messaging in Yahoo

Say it with video at work and at home in Yahoo. Introduce yourself to clients, clarify a concept with a teammate, or send a birthday greeting to a loved one with quick video messages—right where you type.

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Communicate effectively using Yahoo and ScreenPal

  • Use ScreenPal to create quick video messages for anyone.
  • Save time and add context to a work email thread.
  • Give quick, personalized feedback to students and colleagues.
  • Update friends and family without typing.
  • Send birthday video messages, holiday video greetings, and more.

Send video emails with ScreenPal and Yahoo

  • Click the ScreenPal icon , then select to record your screen, camera or both. You can optionally set a title for your video message.
  • Record your video message, then trim and crop if needed.
  • ScreenPal will automatically add an animated GIF thumbnail and link to your video. Hit send when you’re ready. It’s that easy!
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Start creating today!

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Want to record right from Yahoo?

Easy integration for your workflow.

Yahoo: Frequently Asked Questions

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