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Create quality videos with our intuitive video editor.

Easy-to-use video editing software for professional-looking videos. Mix and match videos, add music and effects, overlay images and text, edit audio, and more.

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Video Editor

STOCK LIBRARY BETA: Explore stock videos and images for your recordings! Explore Stock Library

mix videos

Mix and match media 

  • Mix and match videos from your computer, phone and the built-in screen and webcam recorder. 
  • Add your own music or choose from the music library.
  • Overlay shapes, videos and images.
  • Import voice narration.


Discover stock videos and images to enhance your recordings.

We’d like to introduce you to the Screencast-O-Matic stock library. You can now find the perfect stock to kickstart or enhance your projects. Send stock directly to the video editor to mix and match content.

Included in our Premier Plan. No confusing license agreements. Use on any project!

stock images and videos

Easy Video Editing

Enhance videos with overlays, animations and special effects in the video editor

Easy-to-use video editing tools to create professional videos and wow your audience.

  • Zoom in and out, highlight areas and add blurs.
  • Add text, arrows, lines and shapes and images.
  • Create transitions for your videos.
  • NEW! Add video overlays for picture-in-picture
  • Speed up and slow down any section of your video.

Unlock an extensive suite of video editing tools

add transitions to videos

Animate video with transitions and overlay effects.

add text to videos

Add text, images, videos, blurs and shape overlays.

import and mix videos

Import video, audio, and images from other devices.

Edit video sound

Add and edit narration, music and system audio.

record webcam

Hide/show, scale/crop webcam or enable green screen.

zoom on video

Zoom in/out and highlight areas of your video.

green screen for video

Remove your background, enhance your videos with chroma key (green screen)

  • Layer your webcam over any background to customize your videos.
  • Save time figuring out locations for your video.
  • Interact with your background or presentation.
  • Update backgrounds easily for a personalized touch.

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Available on  Mac and   Windows.

Free video editor for 30 days.
No credit cards required.
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Tutorial Videos

Editing Audio 03:17

Overlay Arrow 02:03

Manage Recordings 01:51

How to Blur Moving Text 02:29

Using Stock Video 01:00

Add Music to Enhance Videos 01:58

Need to work offline? Upgrade and download our video editing software.

Admins can remotely install the video editor on all machines. See this article.

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