6 Moments When a Mobile Recording App Can Save the Day

record iphone screenA mobile screen recorder can be a lifesaver in a sticky situation. Whether you are troubleshooting issues on your phone or communicating with your team, a mobile app may help solve problems.

Here are 6 ways that the right screen recording app can be your superhero (and impress your boss/colleagues/customers too).

1. Report a Problem

Let’s say you are working on an app at work and found something wrong with it. You need to report this to your team to fix it. But you cannot, for the life of you, explain the issue to your team.

Screen record your mobile device with our Android or iOS app to show the problem and send it to your team.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a video can solve all your issues.

2. Creating Tutorials or Demos

Now, let’s say you don’t have an issue to report. But you’re trying to solve someone else’s problem.

You could send an email and try to write up a complete manual on how to solve a given problem, or you can grab your phone and start recording.

Use your phone and record a demo of your screen. That way, someone watching the video can see how things are supposed to unfold on their own screen, which is way more helpful than seeing it on written text.

With our mobile screen recorder, you can add your facecam so viewers can see you as you do the demonstration.

3. Explain a Process in DetailWorking on a mobile screen recorder

You have a mobile app you would like to release but don’t want to write a how-to guide to get started.

Here, the same basic principle applies: Record a demo with your mobile screen recorder.

Except, instead of solving a problem from scratch, you’re explaining each component so that your team or customers can use it to get started.

Not only is it more effective than a manual, but it’s also user-friendly.

4. Provide Feedback to a Colleague

Of course, if your dialogue is staying internal, your phone can still sweep in to save the day.

Let’s say you need to give feedback to a colleague. Except, you’re not exactly giving line edits. The feedback you need to provide is on an app, or involves several steps, or can’t be summed up in a written email.

Instead of agonizing over the wording of an email, use the screen recorder to walk through each step of what you’d like to comment on. This is especially helpful if you’re providing feedback on a video and you can’t sit down with your colleague in person.

5. Send a Personalized Video

What if you want to go beyond the beginner stages of a screen recorder and really wow your clients?

You could send them a personalized video.

Let’s say you want to show your client the progress you’ve made on an app, video, or photo, or you want to walk them through your process for editing something. Instead of writing a long email or hoping they notice changes, use your screen recorder to walk them through what you’re doing step-by-step.

6. Save Important Information

Sometimes, though, a screen recorder isn’t about impressing a customer or swooping in to salvage a messy situation.

Sometimes, it can be used to prevent future calamity.

Like, say, recording times and prices of available flights so that you can find them again easily. Or recording essential information, like an explanation of data that you have to use later.  Just pull up your mobile screen recorder during your online search and hit record.

Looking for a Screen Recording App?

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