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Annual Reporting - Current Employee with 0 Disclosures

Created: Jan 12 2016


The majority of individuals who need to report will have 0 disclosures to make. This video reviews the steps to take if you have 0 disclosures to report this reporting season. The video will show you two Welcome Back! messages that display for individuals who submitted a report last year with 0 disclosures and those who submitted a report with disclosures last year.



Click <Submit Your 2015 Annual Report> to log in.


Enter your university email and password to log in.


Welcome Back! message


If you submitted an iDisclose report before and had no activities to report, you will see this message. Message will ask you to confirm if 2015 was the same as your previous report.


Welcome Back! message - - for individuals that submitted a report in the past and disclosed activities. If for this reporting season you have NO disclosures to report, do not clone. Click the Cancel button and complete the Overview page.


Again, if you have nothing to disclose, Questions 1 thru 3 should be No. Question 4 can be either yes or no. If you accidentally select Yes on one of the first three questions, you will be taken to the Entities page. To fix, go back to the Overview page and set the first 3 questions to No.


Certify page - Review each of the statements and select each one as you review. This must be completed before the Submit button will display.


Click Certify & Submit button.

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