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Wizard101 Cheats ⓴⓱ UPDATED

Created: Jun 12 2016


LINK: | Wizard101 Cheats. They can be used to get free membership and crowns.It is 100% working and tested. More details in video.



We all love playing wizard101, aren’t we? I know you do cause you are here. wizard101 is a great game indeed. But unfortunately, this game requires real money. That is if you want enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Now not all of us is a rich kid brat with lot’s of money to waste on a game. Some don’t actually have even a dollar to spend. Now because of this, we are getting a lot of request for a wizard101 cheats to be created. Luckily, we have found a loophole on how to generate unlimited wizard101 free crowns for anyone’s account and created an easy to use crown generator.

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