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Unconscious Bias Overview

Created: Jan 5 2017



We tend to think that discriminatory behavior in our self or in organizations are conscious; that people who know better, do the right thing. In turn, we have developed a “good person/bad person” paradigm of diversity and inclusion: a belief that good people are not biased, but inclusive and accepting; bad people are the ones who are racist, and predisposed to prejudice and exclusion.

The concept or idea of unconscious bias or “hidden bias” has recently come into the forefront of our work as diversity advocates. The realities of inclusion have evolved and challenge diversity leaders to confront age-old assumptions about - who is - and who is not, biased.

This Unconscious Bias Course will help you understand and uncover implicit associations that lead to discrimination, inequality and exclusion. An outcome of the course is to offer comprehensive solutions to achieve cultural competency and inclusion for all.