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Bean Sheet demo 1

Created: Jun 3 2007


A quick demo showing various aspects of Bean Sheet, a Java spreadsheet application.



Let's start off by starting the program.


We have now opened a document called properties.bsz. This spreadsheet dynamically loads Java system properties and populates cells in A and B columns with them.


It also allows us to highlight cells that contain keywords we type into the search cell (D0).


Let's look at how it works.


The first "for" loop merely sets the background on all cells in the display range to white, while the second loop iterates over a subrange defined by the search terms in the cell to the right ([+1-0]) and sets their background to the highlight color.


Now let's look at a spreadsheet that performs function graphing.


This document relies on the presence of a charting module, which is based on JFreeChart open source Java library.


The graphing parameters are defines in cell A0 as a BeanShell scripted object. It defines a starting domain value (seqStart), domain value sequence (seq(n)), and two functions: func(n) and func2(n).


This is another document demonstrating charting and graphing. This time we use a manually input data set describing rowing exercise performance over a number of days.


Our final example illustrates generation of the famous "99 Bottles of Beer" song lyrics using Bean Sheet's native features: cell formatting and ranges.


All of the logic is constrained within cell A0.


These are the formats applied to the different cells.


As we go through the output cell range, instead of setting cell values to song lines, we set their values to a length-1 array containing the bottle count and apply an appropriate format to control the display text.


To show this mechanism in action, we will clear all of the generated values, save, and reopen the document with the only remaining value in cell A0.


As you can see, A0 recreated the song!

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