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Manythings Pronunciation Practice howto

Created: May 14 2012


Manythings Pronunciation Practice howto



HI! .Tthis is Diana and I'm going to show you how to use this website to practice your pronunciation. The web address is And you look on the left side of the page to see Minimal Pair Practice and Quizzes. There are many lessons. It starts with 1 and goes to 24. There are more lessons on the right side of the page too. I'll show you starting with this one. Instructions with images are also in the top right corner, How to use These Pages. For the first lesson, click the lesson. You see the instructions here. Click the blue arrow next to start. At the top, you see practice. you click the first link and you hear a recording, the teacher saying this sentence with this word. You can listen, and then you say it yourself, you repeat. And same thing with this, you click the other one. This is to get your ears to hear the difference between this pronunciation and this pronunciation. You can practice as many times as you want. Then, after you practice maybe 5 or 6 times to each one, then you move down in the QUiz section, click Listen, Then Choose. Click only one time. Listen carefully because you have to decide which one the teacher said -- did the teacher say this one, or did the teacher say this one? So you click, and then you listen, then you click the one you think he said. And it said 'Correct' so I have 1 score for correct and 0 wrong. So then I can click again. I'll show you what happens when I click the wrong answer. It says Wrong, and I have 1 wrong. You can repeat the Practice as many times you want. The quiz you just click 1 time. if you click it again, you may hear something different. If you see an arrow pointing to the right, there is another page of practice. Now there is no more arrow pointing to the right, so that means there are no more practice pages. You can click the up arrow to go to back to the first page. To go back to the main page with all the lessons, click your browser's Back button, and you go back to the main page with all of the lessons. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Bye for now.

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