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UIowa Phonetics howto

Created: Dec 17 2012


UIowa Phonetics howto



HI! .Tthis is Diana and I'm going to show you how to use the Phonetiks website. I'll give you instructions to click. for example, maybe I'll say monothongs then front, then e. The lesson has 3 sections. The first section shows the inside of your mouth -- what you do with your tongue, the back of your mouth, your teeth, your lips. Tou click the blue arrow and you see and hear the sound. Imagine your mouth inside and try to do the same things. Practice that 20 times. Then, the second part is watching the outside of the mouth. Click the blue arrow, and you see and hear the sound from the front. Practice that 20 times. Then you'll see the third part, some words with the sound in red. Click the speaker to hear the pronunciation. Practice each word 20 times. Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Bye for now.

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