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CSR Bluetooth Dongle Windows 10

Created: Sep 13 2015


This explains how I got the CSR 4.0 bluetooth dongle to work with Windows 10 Home. My website: New 4.0 Download



This is CRS Harmony 4.0 straight from the cd in zip file. Download here unzip and run setup program.


New Link added. Old one corrupted now should work again! Download all the files in the folder to a new folder on your device. Or download the zip file and extract it then click setup.


Video was of old driver setup. You can now just download the files and run the "Setup.exe" and it'll install the drivers and software. about 500mb file. ***Note you may have to start your system with the bluetooth already plugged in to get it to show up. email me if you like and let me know if it works. This is up to date as of April 4 2016