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dimensions 4 cats, clouds, and moon (the veil pierced)

Created: 02/16/2015
0:00 just a CAT sitting on top of a refrigerator... or is it?"
0:01 photos taken on a phone camera (iphone4 or htc incredable)unretouched until video(not photoshop)
0:06 cats eyes contain images
0:19 cats eyes contain images revealed by changing color stauration tint contrast and brightness
1:13 photo of sky and moon and clouds ov er a schoolo in brooklyn ny at night. this is an actual unretouched photograph
1:14 This is where it gets CRAZY!
1:16 This is a photo of CLOUDS with the MOON behind them, taken looking over a school rooftop.
1:19 when I took the photo (with a different phone-cam @ 8 mp)I did not yet notice what was IN THE CLOUDS!
1:30 and these beings floating over the roof?
1:35 you can see I am not doing much to the photo simply adjusting settings to bring out the information contained in the photo but not fully visible with standard settings.
2:02 I always wonder "if is is NOT really there, then how come I can take a picture of it and show it to others?"
4:50 amazing!
5:10 music by GOD and TIMOTHYTRESPAS