Acts-tivity Video Tutorial

Published: May 30, 2020
0:19 Definition of Devotion
2:08 What is Acts-tivity?
3:53 Two Types of Guides
5:00 website
5:27 Acts-tivity web page
6:50 Leader Guide Explained in Detail
7:39 Leader Guide: Overview and Purpose
8:41 Leader Guide: Prayer
9:51 Leader Guide: Bible Reading
11:43 Leader Guide: Dramatization
19:00 Leader Guide: Questions
20:10 Leader Guide: Visual
21:03 Leader Guide: Object
22:02 Leader Guide: Drawing Activity
22:45 Leader Guide: Worship
23:47 Leader Guide: Closing Prayer
24:34 Participant Guide Explained (see Leader Guide parts for more details on each section)
28:26 Spreadsheet Showing All Devotions with their Links
28:47 Contact me with Suggestions or Questions