Manage, protect and share videos and images with content management.

video hosting
affordable video hosting

Manage and share content through intuitive video and image hosting

Upload videos and images directly to the hosting platform, or from any of our apps. Define or edit existing metadata.
Organize your content into playlist channels by topic or course.
Password protect videos or restrict viewing to your team.
Search your content library and organize with preset filters.

Share and personalize the viewing experience

Easily share via custom links or place configurable embed codes on your site.
Quick share to Twitter and Facebook.
Create a branded video portal accessed from your url.
Customize and brand your video share pages. Share to virtually any device.
No ads anywhere!
share videos
Video Management

Customize the player!

Easily customize to match your brand, content, campaign, or personality.

NEW! Custom video player & controls.
Add your brand.

Engage your audience with interactive video.

Easily add interactivity to your video with call to action and annotation buttons!  Continue the conversation or help your viewers take the next step with these easy buttons. 

NEW! Style your CTA to match your brand or content.
Control when the CTA is presented to your audience.
Allow users to skip, or require them to take action!

Quiz your audience or students to measure engagement and learning

Understand your audience and engage learners for better outcomes.

Make videos fully interactive with questions, polls, and ratings.
Share your quizzes to the right audience with customized presentation.
Gain insights and develop action plans for communication and learning.

Perfect for:

Polls & Surveys
Lead Generation

Analytics to understand how videos engage your audience

Gain insights into your viewers and how well they engage with your videos.

Analyze aggregate engagement data to understand overall effectiveness
Drill down to understand individual viewer analytics and see where and how viewers watch.
See individual viewer engagement and understand where your videos are watched most based on enjoyment or learning opportunity.
video hosting for teams

The best tools for team collaboration: centralized content management.

Enable your team to manage and share their own video libraries.
Define team roles for managers, contributors and viewers.
Assign viewers to create videos published to your channel and drive a video conversation.
Share directly from within your Learning Management System.

Create, share, and interact with your audience.

Advanced Recording.
Video Editing.
Cloud Hosting.
One Plan, Any Device.

Video Management and Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

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