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Review Summary

Created: Jan 12 2016


This video will review the 3 tabs listed in the iDisclose Dashboard's Review Summary section. The Review Summary is unique to individuals identified as iDisclose Go-To Contacts and Reviewers.



If you do not see the Review Summary section, email


3 major tabs: Annual Reports, Disclosures and Prior Approval Requests.


Received/Under Review and Approved/Finalized are two sections within each tab.


Disclosure tab


If a single disclosure is deemed a prior approval, it will be flagged as a prior approval request and will show in the Prior Approval Requests tab for the department/division.


All single disclosures will be routed to the COI manager. The COI manager will review and then route to the department Go-To Contact. The individual will receive an email notification indicating their is either a single disclosure to review.


Additional Video for Annual Reports tab: go here,

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