How To’s, Training and Tutorials

Get started with the basics or expand your skills! We’ll walk you through our recorder, video editor and video hosting.

Get Started For Free


Record your screen with our screen recording app for Windows or Mac. 


How to edit videos with our free desktop video editor. 


Learn how to take a screenshot with our screenshots tool.  

Organize and share content with our online video hosting platform.

How to quickly capture, share, and manage content from the taskbar.


Learn how to screen record on iPhone and iPad.


An overview of our screen recorder for Android devices.


Enhance your videos with our video editor for Chromebook.

New Features


Engage every learner with interactive video lessons.


Video where you type. Video messaging in all of your favorite web based apps.  


Popular Features and Tools

 7 videos   |      12 min

Add, edit, and adjust your audio including narration and music.

 4 videos   |      6 min

Easily remove and add custom backgrounds with green screen.

 2 videos   |      4 min

Multiple ways to quickly add captions to your videos.

 3 videos   |      4 min

Enhance your videos with engaging images and videos.
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