Accelerate business by engaging through video

Screencast-O-Matic offers teams high-value solutions for faster, clearer communication. Record, edit and share video. It’s that easy!


Available on Windows, Mac and iOS, Android, and Chromebook

Video creation and management to get the job done


Sales & Sales Enablement

Capture your screen and webcam for personalized client presentations and sales training. Then, enhance your videos with the editor. Close more deals with video.

How Video Personalizes the Sales Cycle 


Account Management

Communicate more clearly with video. Onboard new clients, send updates to the team and deliver meeting recaps with a personalized touch. Keep the team happy and engaged.

How Video Connects Account Management 



Easily create your own videos–no creative brief or big budget required. Use video to make emails, social posts and blog articles more engaging. Quickly create brand-ready video!

How Video Spreads Your Marketing Message 


Customer Support

Create and publish tutorial videos for customers to self-serve common issues. Review user screen recordings and understand bugs more effectively. Help customers, increase happiness!

How Video Helps with Customer Support 


Product & UX

Streamline the development process by creating product walkthroughs and demo videos. Understand how users interact with your product and create something that people love.

How Video Streamlines Product & UX   



Review videos to understand bugs. Create videos to document code, communicate across the team and streamline the QA process. Capture, review, and deploy code faster.

How Video Works for Development 



Relationships matter! Connect with your clients through video presentations and project updates for a personalized touch. Extend your reach with the 1:1 engagement of video.

How Video Connects for Consulting 


HR/Corporate Training

Create and publish videos for a consistent employee experience. From onboarding to compliance and training, microlearning with video helps you close skill and knowledge gaps.

How Video Engages HR/Corporate Training 



Personal communication and collaboration with your team, partners and customers. Quickly capture your thoughts, feedback and updates. Share with the right people at the right time.

How Video Helps Corporate Communications 

Easily fits in your workflow


Google Drive
Connect and share with the team.


Google Slides
Create and capture presentations.


Share videos with your fans.


Capture and share meetings.


Create and post content.


Explain ideas and collaborate.

Helping businesses communicate more effectively

  • I can show and tell with a video

    I can show and tell with a video

    I have clients from all over the country and Screencast-O-Matic gives me the ability to ‘visit’ them without ever having to move from my business in the countryside.

    Jimi Hove
    Online Marketing Business Owner
  • Asynchronous communication

    Asynchronous communication

    We are a semi-remote team spread over 15 countries, so preparing a video with an issue, idea or question, saves us from having calls that are convenient for some but really bad for others.

    Lisa Kalner Williams
    AgoraPulse Product Marketing Director

Choose a plan that is right for your team.

Business Videos: Frequently Asked Questions

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