Release Notes

v2.2.14 - (Sept 21st 2017)

  • Import webm videos created from any Chromebook screen recorder to edit and share.
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.13 - (Aug 22nd 2017)

  • New Captions Editor to create and edit captions or use new Speech-to-text option (More Details).
  • Option to take a snapshot of the current frame in the editor and copy to the clipboard.
  • Support for launching the recorder in Italiano (Beta).

v2.2.12 - (July 7th 2017)

  • Import audio for scripts.
  • Fixed a bug where music waveform would look out of sync after adding edits.
  • Using new v2.0 APIs for Dropbox and Vimeo upload since v1.0 for both services have been decommissioned.
  • You can now upload to free Vimeo accounts as well as Vimeo Pro.

v2.2.11 - (May 31st 2017)

  • Better detection when user attempts to upload to YouTube with Google Account that doesn't have a YouTube channel.
  • Fixed a bug when using new stock music without looping and with a fade out.

v2.2.10 - (May 2nd 2017)

  • Stock music tracks now available for both free and pro recorder (More Details).
  • Update for Pro Recorder so you can add music faster and control how much ducking is applied when it's in effect (See tutorial).
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.9 - (Mar 27th 2017)

  • Fixed bug causing webcam to become miss placed when resizing recording.
  • Support for launching the recorder in Brasil - Português (Beta).
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.8 - (Mar 8th 2017)

  • Sharing via Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Classroom after publishing.
  • Supporting 720p size for webcam when capturing both screen and webcam.
  • Fixed bug when capturing both screen and webcam on latest MacBook Pro (Late 2016).
  • Added option to switch language used in the application.
  • Support for launching the recorder in Deutsch (German - Beta).
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.7 - (Feb 27th 2017)

  • Support for launching the recorder in Español and Français (Beta).
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.6 - (Jan 17th 2017)

  • Improvements to manage recordings interface.
  • Option to install and use web browser login to enable Pro Recorder features.
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.5 - (Jan 10th 2017)

  • New Tool to find and fix areas of silence in narration (See tutorial).
  • Improvements to make Scripted Recordings load faster when you have many sections.
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.4 - (Nov 30th 2016)

  • Controls to change overlay layering (See tutorial).
  • Keyboard controls for recorder when paused (See tutorial).
  • Prevent computer from sleeping or showing screen saver when recorder is active (Windows).
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.3 - (Aug 31st 2016)

  • Script text import/export (See tutorial).
  • Many improvements to Draw & Zoom tool including new text tools (See tutorials).
  • Mouse cursor will reset to last position when you pause/resume in the recorder.
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.1 - (June 16th 2016)

  • Bug fixes for Replace Video tool when used to replace a section of recording with webcam but then not using webcam in the recorder.
  • Fixed bug causing YouTube and Google Drive options to hide even after you've added an account.
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements.

v2.2.0 - (May 4th 2016)

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste sections of a recording into any other recording (See tutorial).
  • Other small bug fixes and interface enhancements.

v2.1.3 - (April 4th 2016)

  • Updates to reduce memory usage when working with 1080p MP4 imported videos.
  • Fixed issue where computer audio ducking would not correctly duck when saving to video file.
  • Fixed issue in Scripted Recordings where deleting an inserted pause would sometimes cause the script sections to become misaligned.

v2.1.2 - (March 12th 2016)

  • Fixed issue where recordings would sometimes be marked as corrupted if you clicked the Record button before existing recordings had finished loading.
  • Fixed issue with Freeze tool where modifications to an existing freeze would not stick in some cases.

v2.1.1 - (March 1st 2016)

  • Updates to Import MP4 beta feature to improve performance when importing larger 1080p MP4 files.
  • Fixed issue with Draw & Zoom on Mac where the control bar was hiding under the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Fixed issue where pressing the hotkey for Draw & Zoom before starting a recording would turn off the mic capture.

v2.1.0 - (Feb 1st 2016)

v2.0.10 - (Dec 29th 2015)

  • Enhancements to Insert More tool to take up less disk space when inserting existing recording.
  • Fixed bug in Scripted Recording editor when you quickly start/stop the narration recorder.

v2.0.1 - (Nov 30th 2015)

  • Fixes for publish span so it won't cause a problem if you select a publish span then add a cut.

v2.0.0 - (Nov 12th 2015)

  • v2.0 released after beta81 update.