Free video background remover

Easily blur, replace, or remove your webcam background with the free video background remover! Get creative by personalizing your webcam video with a virtual background.

Available for free on  Mac and  Windows.

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Brand your videos

Build, showcase, and reinforce your brand with a virtual background or company logo.

Record confidently

Make a great impression and look professional by removing background distractions.

Focus your message

Help your content stand out with a virtual background image relevant to your video. 

Have fun anywhere

Upload your favorite photo as a virtual background – a home, office, beach, galaxy, or more!

Look like a pro in your video recordings

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Customize your webcam background

  • Update before you record using our free screen recorder
  • Change anytime after you record using our free video editor
  • Upload your own file or use an image from our stock library
  • Choose from soft, medium, or hard edge detection

Choose from 3 types of background effects

Background Remover
Background Remover
Background Remover

Remove background

Remove your background for full transparency when you record both your screen and webcam. Drag your webcam anywhere on your screen to improve visibility of the content. 

Blur background

Increase your privacy, hide clutter, and remove distractions with the blur background feature. The video appears natural while keeping the focus on you and your message.

Virtual background

Replace your background with an image for a new, virtual background. Show your personality with a casual, professional, or fun environment. There are endless possibilities. 

Record from anywhere with a virtual background

Get creative with virtual backgrounds

Improve engagement and relevancy with virtual backgrounds by customizing each video for your audience and topic. Create different versions of the video with unique backgrounds for different clients, industries, etc. You can even change backgrounds at various points throughout the video to emphasize your message. 

Background Remover

Choose from thousands of stock images

With virtual backgrounds, you can upload your own background file from your computer, choose from a selection of free images in the background remover tool, or select an image from our stock library (available with a Premier, Max, or Team plan). Find holiday, office, classroom, home, travel images and more to get the perfect virtual background for any video.

Access the video background remover today

Background Remover: Frequently Asked Questions

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