Quick and easy webcam test

  • Allow access to your webcam
  • Move around, wave and smile for the camera!
  • If you see yourself in the preview, you’re good to go!

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Easy webcam test

Quickly test your webcam with a click, right in your browser. No extension, no install!

Privacy ensured

We do not store any recordings from your cam test. All tests run in your browser, completely private.

For all use cases

Test your webcam for video calls, recordings, and more. Perfect for business, education, or any use.

Free and secure

This easy online webcam test is 100% free to use as often as you need. No hidden fees or ads.

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Easy webcam and screen recorder

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Check your webcam

Check the drop down menu at the top of the webcam test to make sure your webcam is selected. If you’re using an external webcam camera, confirm that it’s turned on and connected to your device.

Check device connections

If using an external webcam, make sure your device recognizes it. Check your connections–make sure your webcam is fully plugged in!–and confirm that you have the latest drivers installed. See how to use an external webcam with macOS or Windows for more information.

Check browser permissions

You’ll need to give your browser access to your webcam to complete the webcam test. To test your webcam, make sure you click “Allow” when your browser prompts you for access to your camera. If you missed the prompt, or your test failed, you can manually check your webcam browser permissions in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Ready to start recording engaging videos?

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