How a Rising SEO Company is Growing Digitally with Forward Thinking

You would never think that an idea born out of his mother’s home would now become a successful and thriving company, but for Deepak Shukla his dream came true.  Seven years later, Pearl Lemon is a premier lead generation agency with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States.  

His SEO company helps businesses increase their online search visibility. They help drive qualified sales leads in support of a business’ growth.  

He is proud of what his team has accomplished so far and the passion behind it. “We are a global team connected by cloud technology and a passion for all things SEO,” says Shukla.

Success Is In SEO Videos

Shukla believes the secret of his company’s success is his mental mantra. Every day he wakes up and asks himself, “How can I over deliver to my customers?” It’s this growth mindset that drives Shukla and his team to thrive in an online world. Delivering high ROI for his customers is essential to the success of his business. 

Being a global company in a competitive market means evolving. Pearl Lemon is living up to these expectations. They are all about trying new things to reach their customers, and bump into ones who don’t know they need Pearl Lemon’s help. 

Video has been a huge component to Pearl Lemon’s ability to have a greater reach. Whether it’s an explainer video, or a product tutorial, or in house training, they record it all.

“We rely heavily on video content as a fast, effective communication and lead generation method,” Shukla said. 

In fact, video continues to dominate organic search growth today. Video is 50x more likely to get organic rankings than regular plain text results. This has allowed companies to dive into video to drive brand awareness and sales. 

Once video is added, you also have a higher chance of people surfing your site longer. Search engines focus on the amount of time people stay on websites. Their data is showing people tend to stay an average of two minutes longer when videos are front and center. This number can also reflect the quality of your content and user engagement.

Greater Impact With Video

Pearl Lemon has the ability to skyrocket their customer’s organic traffic, click through rate and conversions. And all of this is happening with the support of video. 

Shukla is already starting to see the power of video for ecommerce clients. Seeing the impact video has to help consumers find what they need is soon going to be the norm.

“We’ll see a major surge in videos as a marketing tool in 2021, ” Shukla says. 

As a company, Pearl Lemon has embraced video for their own content. Shukla is a master at talking directly to consumers via video. They also host videos on their site for internal purposes. The video content on their pages have seen a significant boost in their SEO ranking. 

They credit video with helping them engage with customers on a more personal level. Just check out the Pearl Lemon website!  Authenticity and Shukla are one. You’ll see videos of him peppered throughout the site, explaining how his company can support you. You can feel his energy through the screen. His passion and knowledge for how he can help grow your business is infectious. You just can’t get that kind of connection without video. 

“Videos are a huge part of our overall content. Whether it’s explainer videos and tutorials for our products, customer case study reviews, or in-house training, we rely heavily on video,” Shukla says. 

Connection is key, and being your authentic self is the best way to achieve a higher click rate. By sending a personalized clip to communicate to customers, rather than an email, you gain trust from your viewer.

Video can also prevent bounce rates. Shukla says they also credit it with keeping their global, and remote teams operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Rank Higher With Video

Search engines like Google naturally prefer video, and are more likely to get your page ranked higher than those without it. Posts with videos can attract up to three times more inbound linking domains than a boring text post. 

Other online social media portals have also had notable success with campaigns pushing video content. The short subtitles, eye catching visuals do better, even when they don’t have sound added. “With more and more commerce moving online, we’ll see a major surge in video as a marketing tool in 2021,” Shukla said. 

We are a visual species. So it’s no surprise videos have the ability to hook new consumers.  81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Compared to last year, this is up from 63%. (Hubspot) And according to Cisco, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. That’s 15x’s higher than back in 2017. From product videos to presentations, video is the perfect element to up your website game.

The Best Tool For Video Creation

Shukla believes none of this is possible without tools like Screencast-O-Matic. His remote team relies on this video creation tool to communicate across cities and coasts around the world. 

We use it for internal video communication as well as creating tutorials etc to upload to our social media and Youtube channel. This has helped us streamline many processes while continuing to deliver quality content across the board,” Shukla says.

Pearl Lemon found Screencast-O-Matic right when they needed it most. As the team continued to grow across the globe, they were dealing with major growing pains.

Team members needing support with tech issues, or internal processes that might be tricky to explain via email were issues that frequently arose. “

They had two needs when searching for the right tool. First, they needed a tool that would enable them to record screen-shares. Second, they wanted it to be easy for them to upload to platforms like YouTube

Screencast-O-Matic serves both of those purposes perfectly. “

Communication across his remote team was solved and they continue to work efficiently across continents.

“This has helped us streamline many processes while continuing to deliver quality content across the board. I’d recommend it to anyone!”