Stock Library Offers One-Stop Video Creation

Creating captivating videos is getting even easier with the addition of Screencast-O-Matic’s Stock Library (beta).  It’s filled with hundreds of thousands of stock images and videos you can use for any project.  

You can unlock the stock library as a Premier user.  Thousands of high-quality images and videos are only a click away.  

Visuals For Any Project

It’s an issue that plagues any video creator— not having enough video or lacking the correct imagery. Cut down on video frustration by browsing the Stock Library. The expansive collection is a lifesaver for anyone struggling to find the perfect visual.

Screencast-O-Matic offers crisp images and video to polish your work giving it a professional feel. Users can elevate their editing by incorporating eye-catching imagery into their next social media campaign or a marketing video.

Unlike other stock libraries,  Screencast-O-Matic is pretty straightforward.  Premier subscribers can send as many images or videos from the Stock Library to the video editor. The entire gallery is royalty-free. It means there are no restrictions on how you use the images or video. You can use them in any project.

No Time Wasted

No need to waste time going through multiple websites to find what you need. The one-stop approach found in Screencast-O-Matic keeps all your content tools in one location.

You can easily find images and videos on the website.  The Stock Library is sorted into categories to make it easy to navigate or you can search by typing in the search bar.  You’ll have access to a collection of images, high-definition video, and even aerial drone video. 

When you ‘Send to Editor,’ your images and videos are saved in the video editor for reuse.  It gives you an easier way to access the content you want to use in any video.

The Creative Possibilities Are Endless With The Stock Library

Stock Library ImagesThe Stock Library takes your work beyond basic. Select a high-definition video or image for a professional appearance on your next recording or video. The creative possibilities are endless!  Try it out with these quick ideas to get you started.

Product Tutorials 

Browse the Stock Library categories dedicated to ‘Technology’ and ‘Business’ to create helpful and engaging videos for your audience. Incorporate these visuals featuring quality visuals with bursts of information into your next product video.

Marketing Videos

The Stock Library is filled with images and videos that can be used creatively in any marketing video. Create engaging videos for your products or services.    You can use stock to create brand videos including intros and outros.   If you’re looking to market to specific audiences or industries, you can scroll through categories including ‘Family’ or ‘Healthcare’ to find the perfect video.

Education Videos

Consider pulling in subject related images and video from categories such as ‘Nature,’ ‘Travel,’ and ‘Animals.’  It can help aid in your virtual lesson plan. Use the video editor to add animation to keep students engaged.

Video Resumes

Take your video resume to the next level by combining Screencast-O-Matic’s green screen filter with stock footage. Scroll through the background section of the Stock Library to give your resume a personal feel. Access the ‘Technology’ and ‘Business’ categories to add a more corporate feel to your virtual resume.



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