Screen Recorder
University High School

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't get it to work in the browser?

Download the full app install so you can install our stand-alone app for Windows or Mac PC. The install does NOT require admin access to install.

Does it record the sound coming from my speakers?

Yes, if you have Windows Vista or later.

When I make a recording is it always uploaded to the internet?

No. Recordings are made on your local computer. No part of your recording is uploaded unless you choose to upload it after recording.

What devices can I record on?

The recorder works on Windows or Mac PCs. Windows requires XP or later. Mac requires OSX 10.7 or later.

Does it require a download?

If you are on a Windows PC using a Java enabled browser (and Java is installed) then you don't need to download or install anything. For everybody else you'll need to download our "Screen Recorder Launcher" so you can start the recorder right here in your browser.

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